Our Safety

The Welch Corp. is dedicated to providing active leadership and support for an ongoing safety and accident prevention program. Nothing is more important to the wellbeing of our company than the welfare and safety of our workers. We will make every effort to promote a safe and accident free working environment for our employees and subcontractors as well as other contractors’ employees and the general public.

Our ultimate goal is to complete each and every project with no accidents. This can only be accomplished with the cooperation of each and every Welch employee. No job can be considered too important nor any task so urgent that we cannot take the time to work safely. Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It is my job. It is your job. Every Welch employee has a duty to actively participate in our safety program and to report any unsafe working conditions and areas of concern encountered in the workplace to their immediate Supervisor or Safety Officer. We also encourage all employees to take part in company safety committee meetings. 

Employees are required to observe all safety precautions and use all required personal protective equipment. Compliance with all Federal, State, Local, and Welch Safety, Health, and Environmental rules and regulations is mandatory. Responsibility for The Welch Safety Program is delegated to Site Supervisors in accordance with the chain of command. Safety Managers, where used, will assist Site Supervisors but their presence in no way relieves the Site Supervisor of their responsibility.